Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There's No Purpose to Repurposing “Lowly” Wood Pallets | Wood ...

Repurposing can be a noble pursuit, but in the case of wooden pallets, there is nothing noble at all.  Despite the lofty claims of this writer, it is extremely dangerous to turn wood pallets into household furniture, not to mention as kindling for outdoor fire pits.

Regardless of whether wood pallets turn into shoe racks, patio tables, toy boxes or headboards,  they often are treated with toxic pesticides and fungicides – as a means to ward off insect infestation and the growth of bacteria such as listeria and E. coli.  And the carcinogen formaldehyde can be found on them as well.  Cleaning wood pallets won’t work either, since these chemicals seep too deeply into the wood.  As for using wood pallets for fire pits, the dangers go beyond the house, as the wind can carry the toxins across an entire community.

The writer says that this is only Part 1.  We fear for what’s to come in Part 2.


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