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Do you have a business in Wigan that involves distributing goods to your customers? As you store these goods on a long term basis, it is likely that you are running out of space in your office. You cannot always predict when your goods will be ordered and so they could be taking up a lot of room for quite some time.

One way that will allow you to remain close to your goods at all times, but also enable you to manage this aspect of managing your business, would be to employ the services of a warehouse in Wigan.

But before you can start looking for any old warehouse to store your goods, there are first a number of variables you must consider.

Exactly what services do you require from your chosen warehouse? You may wish for your goods to be stored in pallets. As well as enabling you to record the exact location of one particular product, this will also mean that you can be more organised in your business. Pallet storage also means that your goods can be stored in a neat and concise manner.

If this is the service you require, you must then find a warehouse that specialises in pallet storage. However, you also need to ensure that you choose the right warehouse that has the facilities to store your specific goods.

If for example, your goods consist of alcohol or tobacco, to ensure that these would not be damaged during their storage period, you should employ the uses of a Wet Bonded warehouse as this would be better suited to accommodate these types of goods. Alternatively, your goods may be food based and goods such as fresh fruit and cold meats would require a suitable warehouse so that they are not spoiled. An appropriate location for this requirement would be a chilled warehouse or a cold storage facility. Similarly, if your pallet storage were to consist of dangerous goods, you would need to find a warehouse that was suitable to accommodate them.

Choosing a suitable warehouse can be a daunting task. If you need help with this, there are warehouse sourcing companies available that scour warehouses all over the country to find the right one to suit your requirements. In order to ensure that your warehouse operator finds you the correct warehouse in Wigan for your pallet storage needs, it is essential that you provide them with as much information as possible. Ask yourself questions such as:

- How many pallets will you be sending?
- How big will the pallets be and what are their exact dimensions? The height is a necessary measurement as this will determine as to whether or not your goods can be racked.
- What type of pallets will they be, i.e. standard, euro etc?
- If they can be stacked in bulk, how high could the stack be?
- Finally, as discussed above, are your pallets fragile or hazardous in any way?

Not only will answers to these questions prevent you from being charged any unforeseen costs, but they will also enable your operator to find the right warehouse to suit your requirements.

You may however have various goods that require palleting but you do not have the means or facility to do this yourself. As part of the pallet storage services, some warehouses can even pallet your goods on your behalf. Simply mention this to your warehouse sourcing company and they will find a warehouse that can offer you this service.

Whichwarehouse specialise in sourcing available warehouse space throughout the UK to suit your specific requirements. They are able to provide you with a number of warehouses that will specialise in pallet storage facilities and will collect a list of non-obligation quotes from their members, allowing you to consider which option would be best for you business. If your business requires pallet storage facilities, contact Whichwarehouse to see what warehouses they can find to suit your needs.

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