Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Migonis Home: DIY Pallet Flower Box

Our Easter weekend was eventful to say the least. Not only was Drew very sick the whole weekend (the doctor told us yesterday it was a 3-5 day virus) but AJ's sister, Meredith, got a new heart! We didn't anticipate either of those things when we volunteered to host Easter. The floors weren't washed, the asparagus was overcooked and I didn't have any cute little gifts for our families.

BUT I did have this vision of creating a really great long box out of an old pallet we found on AJ's dad's farm. Here is my man breaking up the pallet:

To create a pallet flower box like ours (scroll down to see the finished product) take the four boards you have pried loose from the pallet and line up three of them in a U shape like you see here. To make our lives easier and keep with the imperfect rustic-ness of the pallet with didn't even out any of the ends of the boards with a sander or a saw. I loved how natural it makes the box feel with the original edges.

The photo above shows how I initially placed the fourth board to measure it for cutting. The easier way will be for you to place it vertically inside the boards you have lined up and just make a mark that way. It'll be the correct width. This way it'll be sitting on top of the bottom of your box (see the photo below).

See how imperfect and warped this is?

I used an electric drill to place the screws into the box because the wood was too hard for normal nails. Even after using the drill AJ still had to go back and screw them in a little tighter for me. And, because the wood was harder than we thought we couldn't use a hand saw to cut the end pieces, AJ had to do that with his table saw and screw those into the long sides of the pallet.

Notice the middle of the box... I left the old nails in because I love the rusty-ness of them! They look great from the outside of the box.

Then I had the fun job of filling the box... I had a vision of using tulips and eggs from our chickens (we have six chickens, if you haven't caught that from any previous posts). I wanted a natural, earthy and rustic look. Did you gather that already by the wood the box was made out of? :)

I took my short juice glasses and filled them with gorgeous flowers Matt and Alison sent us last week.

Then, because I needed some height I tore apart an old lawn and leaf bag and stuffed it in the spots in between the three juice glasses. The bag was great because it was more firm than using tissue and it was the nice brown kraft paper color so if a little showed through the moss and eggs it wasn't the end of the world.

Here it is with the eggs (the plain brown ones are from our chickens) and then colored ones are some I found on clearance at Joann Fabrics. The moss rocks are from the Dollar Store.

I love this little bird. I found it at Pottery Barn last year on their clearance shelf.

I put a little glass of jelly beans at everyone's place. Not surprisingly at all, AJ ate the most of his... and I think he somehow snagged Kim's as well. :)

And just for kicks, let me show you our dessert spread. Thank you, Mom, for a great carrot cake and for all the candy you should not have brought. AJ and I were just saying at dinner last night, which happened to be salads at 8:30pm, that we ate faaaaar too many sweets yesterday... :)

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Did you create anything for Easter?

Send me a link to your blog, I'd love to see some ideas!


I'll give a little tutorial of the matching ties I made for AJ and Drew for Easter Sunday... it took about an hour and half so about a day shorter than I predicted! :)


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