Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simply Self Sufficiency: Duck Pallet House

Phil and I have been working on a new duck house today; well, mostly Phil. I did get to take the old one down myself but he did all the building of the new duck house. The pallets, of course don't come perfect. He had to take several slats off and turn the pallets around then add a full layer of slats on the one side. It is hard to explain but it took a bit more than the pig house because it had to be dog and raccoon secure.
I took a few pictures as he built.

The first three walls.

The front and door.

And the finished product, with hinged roof . 

The inside. 

The only thing that might be a problem is that I may have to get a stool so that I can reach in to get the eggs as the sides are a bit high. So far the ducks haven't tested it out but they will when they get used to it.


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