Monday, February 6, 2012

Party of Four: DIY Pallet string Art

I have a really fun project to share with you today. This has actually taken me about 2 weeks to actually finish but its really easy. 

Here is what you need

-a pallet

-tiny nails




Now you can draw anything onto your pallet or write anything. I decided the state of Florida would look cool so that is what I went with. 

I had my husband dismantle the pallet and then attach all the boards so they were close together.

Then he attached it to my wall

Next I had my dad draw Florida on it with chalk....{I guess I haven't done much so far but point fingers!}

At this stage you can make a heart, write the word "Love" or anything you want.

Then I took my tiny nails and some pliers and started nailing all the way around the chalk line leaving a little bit still sticking out. {Hold the tiny nails with the pliers... then you won't smash your fingers!}. This took a looooong time!

Then get your colored string and start by making a knot around one nail and then start wrapping randomly around each nail.

this is the string I used

Be prepared that this will take forever! Especially if you have little ones running around! When you get done with one line of string just tie it off and start a new one.

Here is my finished product.

Hope you like it and it gives you something to do with that old pallet!

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