Saturday, April 21, 2012

C&F Magnetic Midge Hook Pallet | CF Magnetic Hook Storage Pallet ...

C&F magnetic hook pallets are a great way to store and organize your fly tying hooks.  The C&F Hook Pallets are ultra thin and have a magnetic bottom.  CF Hook Pallets are less than 0.5″ thick, so they can easily be stored in your fly tying bag or carried on the river.  The C&F Hook Pallets can double as midge fly boxes.  The slim design appeals to many anglers who are looking to store tiny midges in a compact box.  Because they are so thin, you can take several of them to the river with you!

The C&F Hook Pallets come in three different sizes: Midge, Standard and Streamer.  The C&F Standard Hook Pallet is great for #06-14 sizes hooks.  The C&F Midge Hook Pallet is prefect for #16 and smaller hooks.  The C&F Streamer Pallet is for #06 and larger sized hooks.  Each pallet comes with self adhesive labels which you can place onto the hook pallet lid.  This way you can keep your hooks organized!

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