Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Neriah Edits: Dollphane Color Pallet

I got this idea from Sapharii, who said she used swatches when editing, so her items match other designers. Intrigued, i asked if this was like the Ann Madison hair pallet with the outline, base and shading etc. She said no, and i pretty much stole her idea (sorry Saph!)

This is the Dollphane pallet, i didn't do all the colors, i know he uses a darker black and a darker blue, so i'll add those when i have more time. I didn't add highlighting colors, because 8 times out of 10, Dollphane doesn't actually use highlighting. If you do wish to make highlights, change color to white, set layer to soft light and highlight.  I'll also be adding a SapphireSweets/MM07 pallet, AlyssaMoon pallet and a MariahDianaCarey pallet since those three designers have a lot of items in Nine's already and we definitely won't be seeing the last of them!

PS: The color labelled Red 1 - Yes it is red! :p


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