Thursday, April 19, 2012

VectaMedia Using a Forklift or Pallet Jack to Lift and Move Materials

Occasionally certain products are merely too heavy to move employing human strength, consequently different tools have been produced to help solve this situation. Two examples consist of pallet jacks and forklifts.

To start, pallet jacks are an instrument that is employed for lifting pallets. A pallet is typically a wooden frame that acts as a base for products to rest on during transportation or storage in a warehouse. The products on the pallet are held using a plastic stretch wrap or some other material that is capable of holding a stack of products in place. Pallets, which may possibly also be produced from plastic, metal or paper, are manufactured with a hollow center that makes it easy for a pallet jack to move them around. The pallet jack itself appears comparable to a two-pronged pitch fork, only bigger. The fork portion is attached to a vertical handle that is employed for steering. The two “prongs” sit parallel to the ground and have front wheels installed in their ends. When a pallet needs to be relocated, the end of the pallet jack slides into the hollow area of the pallet. Then, through use of a hydraulic jack, the pallet is lifted slightly off the ground making it simple to wheel it to its new location for storage or display in a store. This piece of equipment can either be manually or electrically operated.

Then there is the forklift. This is also referred to as a forklift truck or lift truck. The forklift is an industrial truck also employed to move products. Comparable to a pallet jack, the forklift possesses a two-prong lifting system. This lift is attached to the vehicle itself and can be raised high enough to lift products out of delivery trucks, a job that a pallet jack is incapable of carrying out.

This variety of gear can be pricey, so if the investment will not be worthwhile, it is possible to borrow the tool from an equipment rental company. These styles of organizations will have a pallet jack or forklift rental in addition to an assortment of other tools.


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