Friday, April 20, 2012

Choosing Pallet Racks As Material Handling Equipment

So, make a wise decision to buy good pallet racks and let your warehouse operators manage the manufactured goods in an efficient manner.

Warehouse racking is a basic necessity for almost all the manufacturing houses. Many industries use pallet racks to manage warehouse inventory. This type of material handling equipment is designed with multiple levels of storage space and is highly used in storing pallet materials. These days, manufacturers of material handling equipment have started offering different types of pallet racking systems including selective pallet rack, Mezzanine RackingCantilever Racking, drive-in and drive-thru rack, push back rack, pallet flow rack and carton flow rack. All these high density storage structures allow easy handling and transportation of materials thereby enhancing the working procedure within the industries.

Take a look at the advantage of using pallet racks for handling products/materials in bulk quantities:

Pallet racking system allows storage of products one upon another thereby providing high storage capacity. Materials stored in racks can be easily picked up and transported by means of forklift trucks or any other mechanical devices used in transportation of products. Selective pallets are made up of vertical frames and beams that are arranged in single or double rows. It allows storing of different sizes and shapes of packaged materials.

The thickness of the aisles in the selective racking system can be determined by the equipment that is designed to transport materials. Products placed in the skids can be easily accessed from the aisles.

The aisles between the selective racks allow free movement of warehouse operators as well as the mechanical instrument that are used in storing and transporting materials.


Drive-in and drive-thru racking system with entry and exit points allows lift trucks to enter through the aisles for retrieving products. Carton flow racks are designed to store cardboard cartoons. This type of racking system allows easy picking of fully-loaded cartons along with storing other products in the racks at the same time.

Now, if you are planning to purchase pallet racks then look for those companies which can provide you quality material handling equipment at reasonable rates. If your industry is located in the Arizona (United States) and are looking for warehouse racks to meet your storage requirement, then consider searching those material handling companies which provide quality pallets at reasonable rates. Some companies also deals with buying and selling used racks. You can contact them and find best material handling solution.


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