Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Composite Pallet Trial Completed | Packaging Revolution

VAUGHAN, ON–(Marketwire – April 17, 2012) – Axios Mobile Assets Corporation (CNSX: AXA) recently completed a six-month pilot program with J.D. Smith and Sons, one of the leading third party logistics firms in Canada. Axios provided 50 of its 47-pound, 2800 edge rackable, continuous-use composite pallets enabled with Axios proprietary tracking software for a trial with one of J.D. Smith’s key clients, a major manufacturer of packaged food.

Delivering Axios’ sustainable logistics solution encompassed both its RFID-enabled pallets and tracking technology, which enabled enhanced visibility and monitoring of pallets throughout the supply chain. To facilitate this, Axios leveraged mediums such as RFID, an Axios-developed mobile app for J.D. Smith drivers and its web-based logistics portal. Tying into existing systems at J.D. Smith was key to the process, including integrating with its pick/pack, staging and shipping processes.

“Our goal was to enhance operational efficiencies at J.D. Smith, which would translate to a better service offering for their customers,” said John Psihos, vice president of technology and sustainability for Axios. “Deploying our best-in-class pallets, coupled with our innovative tracking solution, gave J.D. Smith a more detailed understanding of care and control of pallets within the supply chain and positively impacted order throughput.”

During the Axios pilot program, there was a significant reduction in pallet-related packaging damage. Given that J.D. Smith’s client is a leading supplier of bagged food, products were previously susceptible to damage during transport, as items could shift on wood pallets, catching chards and nails, causing packaging to sometimes tear and contents to be lost. Further, Axios’ continuous-use pallets replaced one-way pallets, slip sheets and disposal fees.

Additionally, the Axios platform provided J.D. Smith with an enhanced level of data that allowed the company to better serve its clients. Information on real-time delivery and distribution patterns was translated into increased efficiencies and valuable problem-solving resources that provide competitive advantages for J.D. Smith.

“The partnership with Axios resulted in very real benefits for us and our customer,” said Scott Smith, president and CEO, J.D. Smith. “The pilot program helped us to identify ways to further enhance and streamline the logistics and delivery process, saving time and money while providing even better customer service in the process. The Axios platform has proven value, both in dollars and cents and in improved client relationships. We are planning to offer the Axios solution to other customers in the marketplace.”

In addition to savings realized on both cost and time, the Axios pilot program with J.D. Smith and its client will be in a position to deliver environmental benefits as well, such as carbon offsets or carbon credits, which can be used to help achieve corporate sustainability goals or be monetized through a number of exchanges.


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