Sunday, April 22, 2012

Niki Jabbour - The Year Round Veggie Gardener: A Vertical Pallet ...

Pallets are perhaps the biggest micro-trend in the gardening world at this time. Photos of gorgeous gardens made from recycled pallets are all over pinterest and Facebook. Yet, it all started a few years ago when the popular garden blog, Life on The Balcony, ran a photo of a pallet garden on a small space deck.  Since then, clever gardeners are finding many ways to turn pallets into productive veggie, herb and strawberry gardens, as well as grow ornamentals like sedums, nasturtiums, pansies and dwarf grasses in between the slats.
Yesterday, a press release was sent out announcing a new company in Halifax - Off the Wall Urban Gardening which aims to create and supply ready-made pallet gardens for new veggie gardeners or those with very little space. Read the details below and check out the photos sent to me by co-founder, Robert Cervelli.

Off the Wall Urban Gardening serves new market for

high-density gardening solutions

April 17, 2012, Halifax, NS --  So, you’ve got a 6th floor condo balcony and you want to start growing some of your own food?  Impossible you say?  Nothing is impossible for “Off the Wall Urban Gardens,” a new business in Halifax focused on high-density urban gardening solutions. The new company specializes in helping people surmount the obstacles of growing food in small spaces, like balconies and small yards.

Three innovative entrepreneurs have sourced an impressive array of small-footprint gardening solutions for urban growers.  Co-founder Robert Cervelli says, “Our most popular product is a vertical garden, custom-built like a wooden pallet which stands upright and is filled with potting soil and seedlings of the customer's choice.  It requires only two square feet of floor space but yields the garden equivalent of ten square feet.”  The vertical garden is one of many solutions offered to the rapidly increasing demand for high-density urban gardening.

“There are many reasons people increasingly want to grow their own food – but basically it boils down to having fresh, organic, sustainably grown food literally on your doorstep,” says Co-founder Robert Ziegler. “Several products can be filled with a variety of herbs, salad greens and vegetables while other products, like the Potato Condo, provide a simple way to grow a single crop – in this case potatoes – in a very small area.”

Delivery and installation can be included with each order.  “We are used to elevators and carpeted hallways, and do whatever it takes to install our ‘ready and growing’ vertical solutions,” says Co-founder Lennart Krogoll, “People can potentially reduce their food bill by up to $400 over the season, and they can enjoy a ‘zero-mile-diet’.”

The company offers personal consultations, an urban gardening blog, raised-bed installation and mid-season replenishment transplants for extending the harvest season from April through November.  They source locally grown, organic transplants only.  Additional information can be found at their website:


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