Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plastic Versus Wood Pallet Debate Surfaces in the UK | Packaging ...

While the debate over the relative merits of wood versus plastic pallets has been heated at times in the US, it recently surfaced in the UK. First posted a release cautioning pallet users to be mindful of pallet load rating. Fair enough. The release then went on to extoll the virtues of plastic pallets, which sparked a detailed response from TIMCON, a wood pallet and container association.

For many applications, pallet strength is an important consideration, as is the reliability of the pallet involved. To the extent that design and quality assurance controls are in place, then either material may work. While it sometimes necessary to counter inaccurate claims, if anything can be taken from the US experience, it is that prolonged industry infighting  is a needless distraction away from providing best value to customers.


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