Thursday, April 12, 2012

Giant Wood Pallet Blaze in South Carolina | Wood Pallet Truth

It took firefighters in Pelzer, South Carolina near Greenville all night and most of the next morning Tuesday and Wednesday to put out a huge blaze. Not surprisingly, it happened at a wood pallet company. A company that had been warned about how they were storing the wood pallets. Fire Chief Billy Gibson said firefighters had been working with the owner to get rid of some of the pallets because they were a fire hazard and they have had small fires before, but nothing this massive.

Unbelievably, these guys had a barrel where they burned leftover wood and that’s where the fire started quickly spreading to the stored wood pallets and causing a conflagration. Six fire departments and 50 firefighters engaged. Two buildings destroyed. What can you do about a business owner this careless? If he won’t take precautions, pass laws to force him to. Wood pallets are a dangerous fire hazard.


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