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Pallet Rack Repair | Warehouse Solutions, Inc.

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Pallet Rack Repair

There are many different types of pallet rack repair systems on the market today. The question is how do you choose the right one? Is that industrial pallet rack repair overkill for your situation? Do the pallet rack repair kits really work?  Is welded rack repair better than those bolt-on kits? Should we try it ourselves? These questions should be discussed when trying to prevent a warehouse rack collapse.

Warehouse Solutions, Inc. has been repairing damaged pallet racks for years and was the 5th fastest growing company in San Diego last year. We are your best solution for your damaged rack. We can come in and survey the damaged rack and give you the best solutions and pricing to repair. Many times it’s a lot easier and less costly than our clients expected and more importantly - a lot safer!

Warehouse Solutions, Inc. can usually repair your damaged pallet rack without disrupting your warehouse operation. Our services have helped many small and large companies throughout southern California. We have helped our clients save time, money and most important - future accidents.

If you have a damaged upright it could be dangerous and might be putting your employees at risk. Call warehouse Solutions, Inc. today and let us give you the best solution for your situation. The visit and advice is free and you’ll have a better understanding of what is needed to get you back to the safety standards.

Call 619-873-4410 or 800-278-1715 and let Warehouse Solutions, Inc. do what we do best – repair damaged pallet rack.

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Welded Pallet Rack Repairs from Warehouse Solutions, Inc.


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