Thursday, April 5, 2012

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If you are building a new warehouse then the likelihood is that your company has invested enormous amounts of time and money on the due diligence and planning process. Notwithstanding the reason for your new warehouse is most likely as a result of increased storage needs which is associated with increased sales and or customer service requirements.

In any case the organisations investment is vast and has a capital expenditure model which will include the depreciation of capital assets and this new warehouse will no doubt require you to purchase new pallet racking and new warehouse shelving. Thus this is not the time to attempt to save money on your new racking requirements for the new warehouse.

Pallet Racking comes in many different types depending on your exact material handling requirements. All pallet racking is metal and naturally heavy duty with configuration of pallet racking systems determined by your products storage and movement needs.

The most common form of pallet racking is Selective Pallet Racking. The name is derived from the ease of selecting the storage heights of the beams, even after the racking has been fully installed. This allows the customer to have the heights changed according to stock requirements and pallet heights. Aisle width will depend on the lifting device being used.

The benefits of this style of racking is that you have complete and total access to your pallets. The installation is quick and there is easy ability to change storage levels as stock levels change. The design of this system can be configured to suit virtually any size and weight.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking uses the selective racking system however the racking is spaced closer together with tighter aisles for much higher density storage. This style of racking uses a special narrow aisle forklift that runs between guide rails to retrieve stock.

Double Deep Racking uses the selective pallet racking system to provide higher density storage. In this instance the racking is run with two rows of racking that is similar to parallel lines. A special double deep forklift ti reach through the first row to access the back row is used. This style of racking is very beneficial if you need to hold quantities of the same stock and don’t need all pallets directly accessible. This racking type can have short to medium term cost savings.

Drive in Pallet Racking is named as in this style of racking the forklift actually drives into the racking itself. This system uses a first in last out style of storage. Generally double deep racking is used to store quantities of the same product that may be held for seasonal reasons.


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Pallet racking designed to store materials. Pallet handling stored materials.There are many types of Pallet Racking. It depends on Materials Requirements.

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