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Service equipment

Vending Machine is automatic according to input shippers money machine. Automatic vending machines commonly used in commercial devices, it is not the time and place restrictions, to save manpower, convenient transaction. Is a new retail format, also known as the 24-hour mini-supermarket. Can be divided into three types: beverage vending machines, food vending machines, vending machine synthesis.

pallet racking refers to storage of goods shelves shelves. Equipment in the warehouse, the shelf is devoted to items placed into the custody of the device. In logistics and warehouse shelves occupy a very important position, with the rapid development of modern industry, a significant increase in the amount of logistics for the realization of a modern warehouse management, improve warehouse functions, not only requires more than the number of shelves, and requires a multi-, and to mechanization and automation requirements. Shop around to adapt to new situations, to improve their competitiveness, to show the effect of the operating room for a general adjustment, shelves, counters and other major goods display device has been modified, and some repairing the new cabinet , so that the operating room a new look.

Checkout Counter as supermarkets essential facilities, more and more loved by customers. In addition to the main purpose of the cash register cash register, the line of sight at the same time to attract customers to play a special effect. In fact, cash register operation is not simply to provide billing services for customers only, cashier after the completion of collection does not mean the end of this store’s sales practices, which also includes the attitude of the customer’s etiquette

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