Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introduction of Pallet Rack | Tradevv Electrical & Service Equipment ...

Unit of pallet racking to store pallets of goods, together with the tunnel-type stacking machines and other machinery for storage and transportation operations.
Top shelf to use more integrated structure, usually by welding steel sheet shelves (with trays), through the horizontal, vertical rod and beams and other components connected together. Its side clearance 6, consider the parking of goods in the original location accuracy, the stop-bit precision stacker, stacker and shelf installation precision; goods bearing width. Must be greater than the convex side of the gap, so no support in the goods side of the state. Currently only combination with free, easy to disassemble and move, according to the height, push objects code, any adjustment of the beam position, but also known as adjustable pallet racking.

Supermarket Shelf, with the people’s living standards improve, the supermarket industry booming, it has basically replaced the small shop, become a major shopping venues. Supermarket development has also led the development of the supermarket shelves. The first shelf in China is often said that a counter along with iron wood glass and more varied. But these shelves are a great drawbacks is not free of adjustable shelves, while not easy to move, not beautiful. And now China’s major supermarkets, convenience stores, including imitation of the shelves are full of foreign production. Brief for your reference.

Pallet Rack Also known as beam-shelf, or cargo-style shelves, usually heavy-duty shelves, warehouse shelves in a variety of domestic systems, the most common. Must first be assembled unit of work, about the packaging of goods and weight and other characteristics of group disk, determine the type of tray, size, size, and single-prop load and stack (Single prop cargo weight is generally less than 2000kg), then thus the span of the shelf unit, depth, spacing, according to the warehouse roof along the effective height and the largest fork lift truck high determine the height of the shelf. Shelf unit span is generally less than 4m, depth 1.5m or less, low, high warehouse shelves a height of 12m or less, ultra-high warehouse shelves a height of 30m or less (type of warehouse automation are basic warehouse shelves by the total number of segments of high 12m or less column form). Such storage medium, low, high storage battery forklift mostly with Reach, Counterbalance forklift battery, three-way forklift access operation, the lower shelf can also be used when electric forklifts, ultra-high stacking machine with memory storage take the job. Such a high shelf system space utilization, access flexibility, combined with computer management or control, which can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics system. Widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers and other areas, both for many varieties of small-volume items, but also for small breeds large-volume items. Such a high shelf in the warehouse and warehouse in the most widely used ultra-high-bit (mostly automated warehouse shelves with such shelves).

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