Friday, April 6, 2012

The Pallet Standards | Plastic Pallets Blog

Depending on where you plastic pallet manufacturing company plans for your pallets to be utilized, a variety of different pallet standards need to be upheld. There are general standards of course, for how plastic pallets should be designed so that there is no risk of them breaking enroute and harming anyone within reach and also what types of materials can be used to create them. Size is another design element that is controlled, although whether the pallet is being used in the U.S. exclusively or is going to be traveling in between countries overseas, makes a difference. Plastic export pallets must uphold different standards than those used domestically.

For example, euro pallets have four very specific pallet configurations, the most well known (and utilized) being the Pallet EUR. The measurements of this export pallet are 800mm x 1200mm (31.5in x 47.24in), and it is commonly known as the “whole pallet”, since all other configurations are smaller. The main reason for these specific configurations are to ensure that the plastic export pallets will be able to fit on any airplane, train or moving vehicle, regardless of the country. It also makes weighing the pallets and their products easier, since the configurations limit the amount of product that it can carry. Also, removing the products from the pallet isn’t necessary since the weight as well as the weight, width and length are all standard.

Plastic export pallets retain the same positive characteristics of domestic pallets, partly because of the design standards that direct the way they are made. Because they are produced from plastic there is no possibility of transferring disease, as there was when wooden pallets were being used, and they also last much longer. Configurations are also specialized so that a variety of mechanical vehicles will be able to easily transport the pallets when they are loaded with goods to the point that humans cannot move them on their own.

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