Anyone can purchase a matured grass termed sod form a distributor or a nursery for managing lawns. The sod pallet can be made by cutting the matured and cultivated grass by cutting it carefully and efficiently intact with its roots and soil. For making an instant lawn, the ingredient is needed to be sowed right away just after being removed. sod pallet

If the space cannot be planted immediately after being removed from the soil then the pallet needs to be kept in shade and hydrated on regular basis until it is ready to be laid in the soil. Otherwise, it will wither and die within a day or two especially in hot weathers. It may however last for a bit longer period in colder regions.

Growing up and developing a sod requires so much hard work and time. The fully grown grass is typically exploited for avoiding wastage of time which is required to cultivate the grass in the homes and offices oneself. This fact increases the cost of the sod pallet roughly about 20 folds compared to ordinary grass.

The area selected for the lawn must be void of the old grass traces and the weeds in order to be compatible to receive the ingredients properly. The soil should be leveled enough by plowing to be able to combine the ingredients and the ground effectively. It may also be fitted with water or hydration system and fertilizers in advance.

The main objective of the buyer is to look for the most appropriate sod depending upon his needs. The varieties include different nature of grasses for it. The intense weather conditions and the wears created by children or pets can be tolerated by some grasses to a larger extent than others.

The sod pallet is basically created in the square and the rolls shapes for placing down in the ground. The square shaped ones can be easily placed by a small labour or even by a single person. However, the rolls shaped require a larger labour to be placed within the bigger grounds.

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